Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi
President, Haryana Janhit Congress (BL)

Member of Parliament, 15th Lok Sabha

Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is the President of the Haryana Janhit Congress (BL), a regional political party established by him along with his father, Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal on December 2nd, 2007 for the betterment and benefit of the people of Haryana. Prior to this, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has also served as a Member of Parliament in both the 14th and the 15th Lok Sabha representing the constituencies of Bhiwani and Hisar respectively in the state of Haryana. He has also been elected twice as a member of Haryana Legislative Assembly from Adampur constituency in the years 1998 and 2009.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s unblemished and immaculate image as a young, educated, bold, relentless, and iconic political leader has earned him the admiration and adulation of the polity of Haryana and its people. His honest, frank and candid approach combined with grit and valor are indicative of a distinctive political approach that goes to add an eloquent spectrum to how new generation leaders of a political party should lead in this newfangled era of politics.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s flawless and unbeaten political track record consists of victories in all four major elections contested by him – two Vidhan Sabha and two Lok Sabha, which have further reinforced his political stature and entrenched him as the most promising political leader in the state of Haryana. His unblemished victorious spree in all the four major elections not only created historical benchmarks but also twinkled on account of the fact that he routed established political stalwarts and challenged the unrelenting political establishment in Haryana.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s political career began under the Indian National Congress party’s banner wherein at a very young age, he advanced from being an effective and able campaigner into an astute and capable political leader. This was reiterated by his historic win as an opposition party candidate, over Late Ch. Bansi Lal’s ruling Haryana Vikas Party (HVP) during the 1998 Vidhan Sabha by-elections, as it was for the first time in the history of Haryana that any opposition leader had won a by-election.


What was even more notable and impressive was his victory over political scions during the 2004 Bhiwani parliamentary election. It was then that Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi, under the Congress party banner, contested and successfully defeated stalwart political leader Late Ch. Surinder Singh of the HVP on his home turf, the son of Late Ch. Bansi Lal, a former senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Haryana. It was in the same elections that Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi also defeated Sh. Ajay Chautala of the INLD party, the grandson of Late Ch. Devi Lal (former Deputy Prime Minister of India & former Chief Minister of Haryana) and son of Sh. Om Prakash Chautala, who was the incumbent Chief Minister of Haryana at the time of Sh. Ajay Chautala’s defeat.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s victory over these two renowned political progenies triggered a major re-structuring in the political scenario of Haryana that not only completely wiped out the very existence of the Haryana Vikas Party, but also compelled the HVP to merge with the Congress Party. This victory also triggered the beginning of the forthright downfall of the INLD party and the Chautalas.


It is a well-known fact that Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi had ably assisted Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal in ensuring the astounding victory of the Congress Party in the 2005 assembly elections. The Congress Party’s myopic and parochial policies towards the state of Haryana forced Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal and Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi to quit the Congress Party and launch a people centric regional political party, by the name of the Haryana Janhit Congress (BL) Party, on December 2nd, 2007.


The launch of the HJC (BL) Party was celebrated with great promise and success during the gigantic historic rally held in Rohtak, the biggest ever in the history of Haryana with over a million people pledging their unwavering support to Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi and the HJC (BL) Party. The support of the people was overwhelming and unanimous owing to the fact that the HJC (BL) Party was formed by the people and for the people of Haryana. It was created with the intention of providing a strong political platform leveraging the strengths and potential of both Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal and Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi to cater to the aspirations of the people of Haryana and work on effective strategies in order to steer Haryana towards progress and development.


Post the formation of HJC (BL) Party, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi contested the 2009 Vidhan Sabha election. He was successfully elected as an MLA from the Adampur assembly Constituency in Haryana. The HJC (BL) Party achieved an extraordinary feat in their first Vidhan Sabha elections as it was for the first time that the HJC (BL) Party had contested elections following its formation and had not only successfully secured six seats but under the able leadership of Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi, secured an impressive 9.9% vote share, an astounding accomplishment that even national parties like the BJP and the BSP could not achieve. The HJC (BL) Party also gained instant recognition as a state party by the Election Commission of India.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s next commendable achievement came during the historic 2011 Hisar Lok Sabha by-elections. The Hisar by-elections were indeed one of the most crucial events in the history of Haryana, as it was then that Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi was faced with his toughest task yet, that tested his true valor and strength as a political leader. The Hisar parliamentary seat became vacant after the sad demise of Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal.


Firstly, the Hisar by-elections were being very closely scrutinized by the national media and political analysts across the country as a benchmark for the future of Congress; secondly, these were the first elections to be fought in the absence of Jan Nayak Swargiya Ch. Bhajan Lal with many speculating as to whether Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi would be able to carry forward the legacy of his late father; thirdly, political leaders and analysts concluded that the person to win this election would not only lead Haryana as the next Chief Minister, but also create a new trend for other regional party leaders to follow; lastly, it was during this election that the entire cabinet, led by Bhupinder Hooda, the Chief Minister of Haryana, focused their combined energies and resources to campaign against Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi in Hisar. Simultaneously, the MLAs of the INLD Party led by Sh. Ajay Chautala also campaigned extensively against Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi. In other words Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi was battling against the combined forces of the ruling party and the opposition party. However, all these attempts proved futile and Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi emerged as the undisputed pioneer and frontrunner chosen by the people of Haryana. With this win he defeated Sh. Ajay Chautala, the opposition leader of the INLD party for the second consecutive time and also defeated Congress candidate Jai Prakash, former Union Minister, who even lost his deposit.


After these elections, the political commentators and experts declared Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi as the new trailblazer and architect of the new era of regional politics.


It was these victories against established political rivals that not only marked Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s historic achievements as an able political leader, but also acted as an impetus that overthrew aged rivals, who were brimming with a false sense of complacency and were governed by the age-old dictum of offering pretentious make-believe promises to the Indian masses.


On account of these victories, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi emerged as an undisputed leader of the people of Haryana, while his iron-willed resolve was instrumental in the defeat of the Congress candidates, despite the combined forces of the incumbent Congress government. Moreover, these victories triggered yet again the downfall and the complete annihilation of the Chautala government in Haryana.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s impenetrable reputation cannot be disputed. His political achievements define his exceptional skills as a new generation political leader who presents a unified force of justice for Haryana, a state that nestles a diverse set of communities and castes. He was equally instrumental in inspiring the Haryana Janhit Congress (BL) Party to the pinnacle of political empowerment in just a few years of its establishment.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s differentiated approach in the areas of Women’s Rights, Youth Empowerment, and Farmers' Rights has seen him emerge as a trustworthy representative of the people of Haryana. The common man sees him as their pillar of support, standing up against atrocities and challenging adversities. This has resulted in his emergence as a tireless and committed leader.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has managed to nurture mutual trust and has earned the loyalty of the people of Haryana through his ability to resolve complex issues and undo the damage done by the Hooda Government. The people of the State have unequivocally voiced their concerns with respect to agricultural and industrial progress, social barriers, law and order and lack of basic facilities; a few of the many issues that have taken a hit due to the misrule of the Congress government.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi was effective in voicing the issues faced by the people of Haryana; an apt example of which was his campaign against the colossal land acquisition act on the pretext of a Special Economic Zone operated by corporate stalwarts. He has consistently worked to ensure that urban industrialization does not affect the agricultural and cultivable land of the farmers, which has resulted in elevating his unprecedented popularity.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is pro-industrialization and pro-globalization, but from a humane viewpoint. He believes that industrialization and globalization should not come at the cost of socio-economic imbalance.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has initiated numerous campaigns to highlight the importance of primary education as a focal point in India. He has also managed to bridge several socio-economic gaps in society while understanding the nuances of developmental and agricultural needs, inclusive of both the urban and rural challenges faced by the people of Haryana. He is a firm believer in issue-based politics and utilizes his skills to effectively implement strategies that cater to the people of the state.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is famed for his profound understanding of regional and national politics. His political acumen and inherent leadership qualities have often surprised most opposition party leaders. His ability to win cognizance across a spectrum of political dynasties has made him one of the most popular political leaders of his generation. His relentless and bold attitude to not only independently battle but win elections over erstwhile opposition political leaders speak volumes of his dexterity and resolve amidst the populace of Haryana.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s zeal and determination to take forward his father’s political legacy and work towards socio-economic issues and concerns faced by the Indian populace is commendable. Known as one of those few politicians with an infallible reputation, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is reckoned as a new-age politician who understands the primary concerns of the youth and the demands of the current generation.


Within the party, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s organizational mission is to blend current as well as new generation leaders. In this direction, he is connecting and mobilizing the resources of the current leaders, and is identifying, connecting, mobilizing, building capacity and commitment of the new generation leaders. He firmly believes in creating and providing opportunities to young and competent leaders.



Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi believes that India is a progressive nation. It is a country that has positioned itself as a confident, sure-footed and progressive nation on its way to becoming a global superpower. However, to get there, the country needs to overcome certain socio-economic challenges.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s vision for India strives to meet these challenges. He aspires to work towards an India that is economically developed, socially evolved and culturally responsible. In his experience, a committed political leadership with the ability to cater to the ongoing demands of the common man is the way forward.


He believes in the supremacy of education and understands that it has the power to facilitate social awareness and provide economic freedom to any individual. Furthermore, he believes in the social & economic empowerment of women in India - an aspect that is extremely integral for a growing economy.


Today, nations around the world have an increasing number of women working in both the public and private sectors of societies, so why should India be any different? He understands that equality comes from creating a society that treats both men and women equally and for any nation to succeed economically, they need to work towards this goal.


He also believes in adhering to and executing the laws created by the Indian government towards women. He extensively promotes Acts like the ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violence’, the amended Hindu Succession Act that asserts equal rights, and Gender Budgeting to make sure that women feel safe in their homes, neighbourhoods and society.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi also encourages new-age political leaders to invest in pockets of societies that are underdeveloped. He wants investors to use their capital in both the industrialization as well as the agricultural progression of India. It is the blend of the two that will make India a successful economy.


Conclusively, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s vision is to create a responsible society that is built on the principles of modernity, sovereignty and secularism. He wants our nation and Haryana to embody a leadership that strives towards serving the people; by strengthening the education system, increasing employment opportunities, empowering women, promoting gender equality and farmers' rights that collectively result in the progression of all sections of society and India.



I am in favour of industrialization but with a human face.


As a pro-youth and pro-development political leader, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi focuses on three main areas of concern, which are primarily; Women’s Rights, Inclusive Development, and Farmers' Rights.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has initiated several strong campaigns against the Special Economic Zone land acquisition deal. He believes in the conservation of fertile land for agricultural purposes and the need for farmers to progress and benefit with industrialization. He repeatedly states that the Special Economic Zone is meant to be established on barren lands and the unjust acquisition of fertile and cultivable land is unacceptable.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is pro-industrialization and pro-globalization, but from a humane viewpoint. He believes that social equilibrium should not be affected in any which way at the cost of industrialization and globalization.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi believes that setting up infrastructure and industries over fertile and cultivable land cannot endorse development and social growth as it completely goes against the fundamentals of globalization. He has consistently propagated the need for urbanization and private investment from both the domestic and international sources, to be effectively utilized towards the development of all the agriculturally backward regions of Haryana. It is essential for backward regions to be developed in order to create employment opportunities for the people of Haryana.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is relentless and determined in matters of the development of the backward areas of Haryana owing to the following reasons:


  • It will restrict population imbalance.
  • It will elevate the status of such areas to be at par with the developed areas in India.
  • It will prevent undue pressure on civic infrastructure of developed regions in India.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi further presses that the Special Economic Zone Act 2006 will critically impact farmers and their livelihood, resulting in a substantial decline in the productivity of food grains. He asserts that the government should take the initiative to offer subsidies and incentives to investors involved in the development of the industrially backward areas of Haryana. This will not only ensure that Haryana and its people enjoy comprehensive benefits through industrialization but also, will prevent the loss of fertile land in order to protect the agricultural sector of Haryana for sustained growth and development.


If I am not physically present at a place, you have to become Kuldeep and meet them.


Quoted by Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi during the Workers’ Meet in Bhiwani, this clearly indicates his sheer determination and passion to work for the people and with the people of Haryana.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is indeed a people’s politician. He pays heed to the requirements of his constituency, catering to the needs of farmers, women, the youth, and even industrialists. He advocates the need for personal communication with the public, in order to understand every burning issue. He has always worked towards maintaining a personal rapport with every individual within his constituency.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi ensures that as the President and leader of the HJC (BL) party, all party members are treated equally and are collectively working towards the progress and development of Haryana and its people. He has efficiently delegated responsibilities to each member of the party to make sure that they implement strategies to proactively deal with any ongoing concern, with consistency. He strongly believes that the workers of any political party are its backbone and are instrumental in propelling the party forward.


The best way to make your dreams come true is to awaken.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has grown tremendously through his tenure as a resourceful and young political leader of Haryana. He believes that actions are more significant than just words and it is this belief that has transformed him into a man who proactively plans, prepares, and executes his strategies with precision. He has always led from the front and can be often seen leading and engaging campaigns for the people of Haryana that other constituencies deem to ignore.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi consistently ensures that issues such as the economic empowerment of women, the empowerment of the youth, and the rights of farmers should be given the utmost priority and appropriate attention. He has therefore urged his government and the other governments to focus on and implement methodologies to persistently deal with such concerns.



•MP Kuldeep Bishnoi alleges a Rs 6000-crore scam in Gurgaon SEZ - The Tribune, 16th October, 2006

•MP Kuldeep Bishnoi seeks SEZ Act Amendments - Hindustan Times, Chandigarh, 16th October




Issues raised in the Parliament by Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi:


1. On 14th March, 2013, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi delivered an articulate and well received speech on the Budget in the Parliament session. This speech represented the hopes and agony of  his 1.2 billion compatriots.


Please click here to download the complete speech


2. Will the Minister of Human Resource Development be pleased to state if the government refuses to recognize the BCA & MBA programmes conducted by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)?

    • If so, what are the reasons?
    • What is the reason for a delay in the development of the study material for the programmes run by IGNOU under the guidelines of Distance Education Council?
    • What are the steps taken by the Government to ensure that the students, who have earned the BCA & MCA degrees since 1995, do not suffer because of this?


3. Will the Minister of Home Affairs be pleased to state if there is any law to check the increasing flow of funds to the terrorist outfits through Hawala operations?

    • If so, what are the details?
    • If not, what are the reasons therefore?
    • What are the steps taken by the Government to freeze the cash flow to terrorist groups?


4. Will the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment be pleased to state if the government has chalked out any rehabilitation plan for the snake charmers and their families who have lost their livelihood due to the strict enforcement of Wildlife Act, and are on the brink of starvation.

    • If so, what are the details?
    • If not, what are the reasons therefore?
    • What are the fresh steps taken by the government to provide an alternative means of livelihood to these people?


5. Will the Minister of Food Processing Industries be pleased to state if the government has any plan to provide food processing training to prospective entrepreneurs as well as the processors?

    • If so, what are the details?
    • What are the steps taken by the government to conduct food processing training programmes for the benefit of farmers and entrepreneurs’?


6. Will the Minister of Commerce and Industry be pleased to state if the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), constituted in 1996 to promote indigenous commodities in foreign countries through advertisements, has failed to achieve its objectives?

    • If not, what are the reasons therefore?
    • Is there any success achieved towards the quality improvement of agricultural, dairy and other products as per international standards?
    • What are the new steps taken by the government for proper utilization of this fund?


7. Will the Minister of Information and Broadcasting be pleased to state if the government proposes to introduce the Internet Protocol Television in the country?

    • If so, what are the details?
    • What are the steps initiated by the Government for early introduction of IPTV?


8. Will the Minister of Communication and Information Technology be pleased to state if the mobile consumers of BSNL in various villages of Haryana are compelled to pay roaming charges?

    • If not, what are the reasons therefore?
    • What are the steps taken/being taken by the Government in this regard?


9. Will the Minister of Health and Family Welfare be pleased to state if the Government has put certain drugs under its Pharmaco Vigilance Programme?

    • If so, what are the details?
    • Has there been any advice on the reaction discovered about any of the medicines put under the programme during the last six months? If so, what is the decision taken in this matter?


To view parliamentary documentation with regard to pertinent questions raised by Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi please click here





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The Special Economic Zone – India’s growth engine or sophisticated land-grab?


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is unarguably one of the only political leaders to voice the concerns faced by famers in the Special Economic Zone debate. He took the initial steps to criticize the Special Economic Zone plan as being the biggest let down to all the farmers of Haryana. This action compelled the others to soon follow through in the quest to fight for the rights of all farmers.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi was successful in bringing substantial amendments to the Special Economic Zone Act. According to the new amendments, cultivable agricultural land cannot be used for building infrastructure to benefit the Special Economic Zone. This is the first law that was passed in the country that prevents the purchase of fertile land by any Special Economic Zone project dealer. The fight was indeed worth it as it brought respite to the farmers in Haryana and throughout the country as well.


Secondly, the result of this fight ensured that an upper limit to the land sealing deal was made available to the Special Economic Zone in order to avoid misuse of purchase. Earlier the government had set a lower limit that demanded a minimum amount of land to be purchased by an enterprise in order to gain the status of an SEZ, but there was no limit to the acquisition of land by a Special Economic Zone. This meant that the SEZ were allowed to purchase unlimited land. It was Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s iron-willed approach and persistent efforts that compelled the government to announce a maximum limit so as to prevent unfair land acquisition by a Special Economic Zone.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi raised the RIL Special Economic Zone issue due to the lack of proper compensation offered to the farmers and that there were no shares allocated to them. Moreover, the state government had signed a MoU for a 25,000-acre SEZ to be positioned within the District of Gurgaon, in the backyard of Delhi.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi initiated the “Aam Aadmi Adhikar Andolan” in order to protect the rights and the interests of the farmers or “Kisaan” at any cost and promises to continue this fight to the end. He favours industrialization, but is against the way the policy is being implemented. The project had led to the plight of many farmers who lost their land to it.


In the Lok Sabha session, Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi termed the action of the SEZ as nothing more than a sophisticated way of grabbing land. He stated that this is the creation of "private fiefdoms that hark back to the zamindari system” owing to which he launched the "Aam Aadmi Adhikar Andolan” in support of the farmers.


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The Power of Youth


“Young Nation, Young People, Let's Build India Together” – Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has taken the lead in tapping the true potential and power of the Indian youth while channelizing them in the right direction. He did so by organizing door-to-door campaigns to spread awareness about their social responsibilities towards their nation, state and society.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi is a firm believer in the potential of the youth in driving the nation to greater heights and progress. He has launched several youth forums in which he enthusiastically speaks about tapping the hidden talent of the Indian youth population, pushed forth the importance of patriotism, and social responsibility within a society.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has provided the necessary impetus by initiating awareness drives to highlight the benefit of compulsory or free primary education. He believes that the youth ought to be groomed so that they can utilize their knowledge and contribute to the economic & social mechanics of the country.


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The Economic Empowerment of Women


“No form of reservation is beneficial to women if they are not made economically independent” – Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi


In the 21st Century, women are no longer confined to being housewives. This century witnesses women as leaders in industry, government, and organizations globally. However, despite the substantial progress seen in recent years, women are yet to achieve more than what is being offered to them. Women play an important role in the growth and development of a nation. If given the right opportunities, approximately 50% of the Indian female population is equally capable of contributing towards the development of the country.


There is a pressing need for the economic empowerment of women, especially in the rural areas. Women who were initially hidden behind veils, have now awakened and Ch. Kuldeep realizes the importance of this awakening. For this reason, the HJC (BL) has organized various programmes to educate people and encourage a change in their mindsets so that they can in turn contribute to the betterment of society.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s information and enlightenment campaigns are not targeted towards the rural women alone, but at rural men as well. He believes that most rural men are narrow-minded and do not realize the importance of the economic empowerment of women. The “India Shining” slogan can only be realized once women are allowed to be on the forefront as well.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has consistently and proactively contributed in ways that set an example for the young and progressive politicians. He has launched several door-to-door campaigns to spread awareness about compulsory primary education and the fight against female foeticide. He also launched several information programs for women on how to deal with these issues due to which women are now aware of their true potential.


Ch. Kuldeep Bishnoi has driven many education camps and training workshops to propagate the need for rural women to be financially independent so that they can be a part of a social, political and economic platform.


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